Follow your passion = Success guaranteed

Before jumping into the topic let’s understand what is the root cause problem, why everyone is not becoming successful. Answer to above question  is  lack of clarity.

Many are not aware what to do and what not to do. Always in dilemma to choose which is best option. 

How to overcome this problem?

Do what you love, 
join in the profession based on your hobby and strength.

Follow your passion, work on it, automatically success will come to your way.

If you want to be successful then definition of passion must be :

Willing to work though you don’t get money. 
Willing to work though you feel sleepy. 
Willing to work though your extreme tried. 
Willing to work on Sundays. 
Willing to work in an extreme condition.

For a minute just imagine that your working hard though gratification is zero. If start getting money from it, consequently nobody can stop you becoming a billionaire.

Most important only passion can’t you make a successful. Give the direction it.

Let us say if your good at cooking work as a chef at some restaurant ,subsequently after getting confidence start your own.

If you are good at something, Don’t do it for free .


Author: uanoop

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