5 Routines will make you Fit & Healthy lifestyle. HAPPY NEW YEAR

Though you achieve your goals, If your unfit then life become miserable.

Keep checking your engery level weather it’s increasing or decreasing. If it’s increasing you need not have to do any thing but if decreasing then follow below steps

Know the question is how to be fit while achieving (after achieved) your goals.

1. If your junk food lover then you have to avoid it. Switch to nutrition food.

2. Spend minimum 30-60 minutes early morning in a gym (or do Excercise/Yoga) . We need to hold on it whatever we do. most of time we switch to another within minutes which is not effective.

3. Don’t seat šŸ’ŗ and work/study continuously. for atleast, every 60 minutes stand up and walk around, stretch your arms etc.

4. Walk more whenever and wherever possible. Better buy any basic smartwatch which shows calorie burns and step count. Make sure to walk 10,000 steps daily and see the difference.

5. And yes most important to balance your health is SLEEP. Minimum 6-7 hours of sound sleep is required for your body.

Many in dilemma whether we have to be physically or mentally fit first. Here is a catch first you must be physically fit subsequently mentally.

Our body is interconnect with other parts if any part is having problem don’t ignore otherwise it will ruin your total body system.

One Day or Day One, you decide – Paulo Coehlo

In fitness, there are no shortcuts. It involves immense discipline and hard work – Mahesh Babu


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