Connect with all kind of people irrespective of position to become successful.

Let’s take one example, in the game of cricket all department have to perform well to win the match. if only batsmen played very well hit double century by one player, will not make sure you win the match.
Bowler, wicketkeeper and more important fielding also need to give a contribution to winning the game, then the only victory is yours or else not.
A team of 70 scientists is working on a deadline. They forgot everything family and friends and giving 100 percent to accomplish the task. Next day morning one scientist went to the boss and ask permission to go out at 5: 30 PM because he promised his children to take out the exhibition. Boss replied really we are working hard day and night to complete the task, anyhow you promise to your children then go ahead. As that scientist deep involved in work could not even saw the time it’s 8: 30 PM .he felt very bad for not leaving home at 5: 30 PM. Reached home and said hi to his wife, before he speaks up anything he thought in mind that her wife will bang but the story was different she asked would you like to take coffee or straight to dinner. He felt astonish and asked where are the kids? She replied your boss came at 5: 15 PM and took them for an exhibition not yet arrived.he was in shock and feel happy.

Boss knew very well he will not go at
5: 30 PM. Can you guess the boss name? He is none other than Late Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM who was a former president of India and man behind space and missile research work.

The moral is give importance to everyone either at the big or small position.


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