Purchasing mid segment smartphone (around 10K to 20 K INR) ??? 8 Checks

Must check above 8 specs before purchasing smartphone.

After Food, Clothes and house, Smartphone is a fourth indispensable part of life. These days every second-day new smartphone coming in the market which one is the best to know it’s very challenging right? Below are some pieces of advice which will help you to buy the best smartphone.

Built quality is a prime and utmost important factor to choose a smartphone, The purpose is very simple because good the built quality longer will live your smartphone. In the market, you will get mostly polycarbonate (Plastic and glass) and glass. The most important glass back looks lavish and rich in hand and will not suffer from scratches this would be ideal for any smartphone. When Glass is compared to polycarbonate according to me the glass is best.

The Processor is very important while choosing a smartphone because this is also called as the heart of the smartphone. If the processor is good naturally there is no lag and no stuck while using a smartphone. The Main disadvantage of a bad processor is so often hang and give bad experience while playing games and multitasking. Presently in large scale two types of processor available in the market they are Qualcomm and Mediatek and some of the company they do manufacture their own processor like Exynos by Samsung.

Smartphone range from 10 – 20 K.

Qualcomm snapdragon comes with 675, 710,730 and 730G.

Mediatek Helio comes with P60, P70, and G90T.

Minimum RAM I suggest you to go with 4 GB and memory 64 GB if you are looking for more storage go with 128 GB or check whether dedicated micro sd slot is available or not.

The Most interesting part is the CAMERA if you’re looking for good quality photos instead of checking megapixel look for image sensor size because that decides the quality of the picture. Though Apple smartphone comes with less Megapixel but produces excellent output picture when compared to X, Y, Z brands this is possible because of the bigger image sensor size.

Another important factor is whether night mode and electronic image stabilization, is avail or not. EIS plays an important role while taking videos because irrespective of hand moment it gives to a stable video output. Besides this, there are several camera specs such as camera ISO level, autofocus, aperture etc.

Let’s talk about Battery more the mAh(milliamp Hour) will sustain a long time. Roughly 4000mAh will last for a day for a heavy user. Don’t forget to check fast charging and type C support is available or not. If your average user then 3000 mAh is pretty sufficient for you.

Display present-day trend is a bezel less totally based on your like want waterdrop notch or punch-hole display. Super Amoled, Amoled, IPS (in-plane switching)LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)panel or TFT (thin-film-transistor). Amoled or super Amoled display is best among all. If you loving watching online content, reading books,MS office related work then I would suggest to go with 5.5 inch to 6.5-inch display. FHD resolution should be good enough to do daily chores even you can avoid or stop using a laptop or desktop. One important point if greater than 6 inch then little difficult to handle by using one hand this should keep in mind.

60 Hz, 90 Hz or 120 Hz Refresh rate which one is best these is like the tradeoff between battery discharge and smooth flow (the provided app should support) . Based on your requirement you can choose, even best part is we get an option to switch low refresh rate.so that means if a higher refresh rate is available in the market then go for it really that drastic change your experience when compared to low refresh rate(If budget permit).

3.5 mm Head phone jack many smartphones ditching this. if it’s your prime concern like listening FM radio then you must check weather this port is available or not .


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