Mindblowing Entertainer Baaghi 3 **** One Man Army

Its weekend so lets have a movie talk. just finished watching Baaghi 3 all i say is its amalgamation of Brotherhood + Magnificent Action scene+ Emotion

Below are some powerful dialogue :

Logo ka kya hai kuch na kuch kahenge. HAtela😁

Mujh pe ate tho me in chod deta, bhai pe ate tho phood deta 👊

Joh uniform mein rehta hai woh form mein rehta hai 👮

Software chalane ke like hardware ke jarurat lagte hai

Car set up was interesting never saw such action till date. Falling of cars one after other was awesome sir. Bravo 🙏

Heropanti kar raha kya Tiger : Sabku ate nahi mere jate nahi.

Kasam apne baap ki agar mere bhai ku kuch hoa na
Tumhare desh ku nakse se nikaal denge

Instagram ,Twitter tiktok pe nahi tok tok pe

Looka dere ek doosre ku 😁

peeche deku…

Telephone Conversation between Shraddha(in Syria) and her sister(in India) is very emotional.

Kamal me aurat hai. Kamal me nahi jamal me aurat hai.

Kuch tho bhi signala dere yeh log (Whistleing)

Rohinee mera ek kaam karna abhu jalal melega tho uske machis bhujha dena

Pecche nahi age dekho

America, Russia, moosad who I want to know who..

Beyond imagination a fight in helicopter. Magnificent

We are not attacked by Mossad or any country . only one man. Literally goosebumps.

Sr Tiger salute jr Tiger and say proud of you my boy that moment is speechless.

which one is your favorite comment below.

Car, Helicopter and tank fight scene i like the most which give me the feeling of watching hollywood movie. I must say Next level movie.

Irrespective of coronavirus and exams period,First day biz of Baaghi 3 is ₹ 17.50 cr.


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