Is higher Megapixel gimmick?

A megapixel (MP) is equal to one million pixels.

1 Mega = 106  = 10 lakhs = 1 million.

Pixel is the smallest single component of a digital image. smallest pixel all the time does not need to a small square. It measures in dots per inch (dpi) and pixel per inch (ppi) are sometimes used interchangeably.

Each pixel capture light which turns into data, subsequently all data are combined together to form the complete picture.

With larger MP you may get more the details (When zoom picture will not be blurry) but not good image quality.

This day’s Midsegment smartphones equipped with High MP smartphone camera sensors which sport small pixel size. The high-end smartphone equipped with lower MP Smartphone camera sensors which sport higher pixel size. Let’s understand this with below example

SpecificationOnePlus 7T PROSamsung Galaxy S10+Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Main Camera48 MP12MP12MP
Pixel size0.8 um1.4 um1.4 um

From the above table we know that which brand is excellent in photography.

Due to smaller pixel size Dynamic Range decreases, consequently noise and crosstalk between pixels increases. One more essential point is, smaller pixel count capture less light means less data which give worse low light photo performance. Up to some extend this low light photography problem has been solved by pixel binning (we will talk about this some other day).

To sum it up smaller pixel leads to more issue with noise and dynamic range.

Image processing is state of the art technology which plays a major role in producing good quality photos with lesser MP.  Apple, Google and Samsung are master in image processing that’s which no other brand beat them in the photography section.


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