Is higher Megapixel gimmick?

A megapixel (MP) is equal to one million pixels.

1 Mega = 106  = 10 lakhs = 1 million.

Pixel is the smallest single component of a digital image. smallest pixel all the time does not need to a small square. It measures in dots per inch (dpi) and pixel per inch (ppi) are sometimes used interchangeably.

Each pixel capture light which turns into data, subsequently all data are combined together to form the complete picture.

With larger MP you may get more the details (When zoom picture will not be blurry) but not good image quality.

This day’s Midsegment smartphones equipped with High MP smartphone camera sensors which sport small pixel size. The high-end smartphone equipped with lower MP Smartphone camera sensors which sport higher pixel size. Let’s understand this with below example

SpecificationOnePlus 7T PROSamsung Galaxy S10+Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Main Camera48 MP12MP12MP
Pixel size0.8 um1.4 um1.4 um

From the above table we know that which brand is excellent in photography.

Due to smaller pixel size Dynamic Range decreases, consequently noise and crosstalk between pixels increases. One more essential point is, smaller pixel count capture less light means less data which give worse low light photo performance. Up to some extend this low light photography problem has been solved by pixel binning (we will talk about this some other day).

To sum it up smaller pixel leads to more issue with noise and dynamic range.

Image processing is state of the art technology which plays a major role in producing good quality photos with lesser MP.  Apple, Google and Samsung are master in image processing that’s which no other brand beat them in the photography section.


Future is 5G

In India even before 5g network establish two 5g smartphones IQOO 3 5G (launched on 25 Feb 2020) and REALME X50 PRO 5G pro (24 Feb 2020) has entered into India market.

5G will use the existing Long Term Evolution (LTE) frequency range 600 MHz to 6 GHz and also Millimetre (mm) wavebands 24 GHz to 86 GHz (wavelength of this band in mm).
Speed of light C= 3*10^8 m/s
f = frequency
Wavelength= lambda
C = f * lambda

Lambda = (C / f) mm.

5G is the Fifth-generation wireless network technology.
5G will not only interconnect people but also interconnect and control machines, objects and devices that’s the beauty of 5G.

Prior to 5G, there is 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.
The 1G network uses analog radio signals which are used for voice call facility.
2G(CDMA) introduced GPRS (global packet radio service) where ist email facility employed followed by slow internet was used in mobile.
3G fasten internet connectivity(CDMA 2000) and also it was reliable.
4G LTE was revolutionary which changes mobile handset into a mini-computer.
5G will be a game-changer for sure, which change our lifestyle completely.
The main difference when compared to 4G is lightning fast speed
5G = ×100 Times faster capacity than 4G.
Let’s say to download 2hours movie in 4G it takes approximately 8 minutes. In 5G it will take just 3-4 second. There will no buffer and lag issue in 5G. 5G speed will more than fibre optic cable.
5G comes with low latency (response time).
Let’s understand these.
4G: response time 50 to 100 msec
Human eye respond : 300 ms
5G: response time 1.5 ms
This means everything can be done real-time.
The futuristic driverless vehicle will not collide so almost no chance of an accident this is possible because of low latency. Almost all households like washing machine, fridge, Tv etc can be at your fingertips.
These all possible because of mm waves. Till date mm waves used for Defence, radar and satellite purpose.

The main disadvantage of mm waves it could not travel for long-distance. If some obstacle comes in between these mm waves like building , tress or rainfall etc it didn’t work effectively. In order to overcome this problem, many cells need to install.

The highlight of 5G are
• In 2035, when 5G’s operational around globe, it could produce up to $ 13.2 trillion worth of goods and service enabled by 5G mobile technology.
• It generate up to 22.3 millions jobs. 5G mobile chain alone could generate up to $ 3.6 trillion revenue by 2035.
• 5G delivering up to 20 Gigabits per second peak data rates and 100+ Megabits per second average data rates.

Mindblowing Entertainer Baaghi 3 **** One Man Army

Its weekend so lets have a movie talk. just finished watching Baaghi 3 all i say is its amalgamation of Brotherhood + Magnificent Action scene+ Emotion

Below are some powerful dialogue :

Logo ka kya hai kuch na kuch kahenge. HAtela😁

Mujh pe ate tho me in chod deta, bhai pe ate tho phood deta 👊

Joh uniform mein rehta hai woh form mein rehta hai 👮

Software chalane ke like hardware ke jarurat lagte hai

Car set up was interesting never saw such action till date. Falling of cars one after other was awesome sir. Bravo 🙏

Heropanti kar raha kya Tiger : Sabku ate nahi mere jate nahi.

Kasam apne baap ki agar mere bhai ku kuch hoa na
Tumhare desh ku nakse se nikaal denge

Instagram ,Twitter tiktok pe nahi tok tok pe

Looka dere ek doosre ku 😁

peeche deku…

Telephone Conversation between Shraddha(in Syria) and her sister(in India) is very emotional.

Kamal me aurat hai. Kamal me nahi jamal me aurat hai.

Kuch tho bhi signala dere yeh log (Whistleing)

Rohinee mera ek kaam karna abhu jalal melega tho uske machis bhujha dena

Pecche nahi age dekho

America, Russia, moosad who I want to know who..

Beyond imagination a fight in helicopter. Magnificent

We are not attacked by Mossad or any country . only one man. Literally goosebumps.

Sr Tiger salute jr Tiger and say proud of you my boy that moment is speechless.

which one is your favorite comment below.

Car, Helicopter and tank fight scene i like the most which give me the feeling of watching hollywood movie. I must say Next level movie.

Irrespective of coronavirus and exams period,First day biz of Baaghi 3 is ₹ 17.50 cr.

Inside Smartphone

In a basic smartphone, there are several components which are shown in the above diagram.

Let’s start with an Antenna which uses to transmit and receive the signals. Diplexer or filter is used because the transmitter and receiver frequency is different. It will filter out desired signals and also called as double band bandpass filter.

In RF front end incoming signal reaches RF Low noise amplifier (LNA) which amplify the low power signal without degrading the sign to noise ratio (SNR). LNA main role is to reduce unwanted noise and amplify weak signals.

Next block is Mixer which used to down convert the signal with the help of local oscillator (LO) for further processing.

fd (Down conversion frequency)=fs(Signal frequency)-fl(LO frequency).

After down converting the signal it need to amplify and filter it which can be done through (Intermediate frequency amplifier and Bandpass filter).

Further signal need to demodulate to get an original signal from a carrier signal. Subsequently signal goes through Analog to Digital converter (A/D) and Digital to Analog converter (D/A) and filter block. Speech, video, data will get access from these block.

Transmitter part exactly works opposite to receiver where signal needs to modulate then feed to IF amplifier followed by a mixer. During transmission frequency needs to upconvert the signal which is done through mixer and LO block

fu (Up conversion frequency)=fs(Signal frequency) + fl(LO frequency).

These fu sent to the antenna via RF power amplifier and filter.

Human interface, Dialing, memory, battery power, Camera, Zoom lenses and sensors are control through microprocessor circuit.

COVID-19 outbreak

Namaste world

COVID is also known as coronavirus disease. Coronavirus disease spreading rapidly in India as well as many parts of world. Already 30 cases reported in India among them many patients travelled on various buses so there are pretty chance to multiply these numbers. One in Delhi, one in Telangana and six in Agra have tested positive for coronavirus. Apart from this 16 Italian national have tested positive and the driver of the group of Italian nationals, who were touring in Jaipur, has also tested positive.

There are currently 96,779 confirmed cases and 3308 deaths from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of March 05, 2020, 13:42 GMT.

After china most affected countries South Korea, Iran, Italy… etc. Best part in these is people are recovering fast from this coronavirus but in japan one women after recovered she tests positive for the second time which is more alarming.

Basic protective measures against COVID-19

  • Wash your hands frequently

Clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

Reason: It will kills virus if exist on your hands.

  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

If hand come in contact with the virus and you put a contaminated hand to eyes, nose or mouth then this virus can enter into your body and make you sick.

  • Maintain social distancing

Minimum maintain 1 meter(approximately 3 feet) between yourself and the one who is coughing or sneezing.

  • Use Mask

Specially use mask when you’re outdoor. Mask must be cover mouth and nose. Make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask

Myth buster:

  • Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from china?

Answer:  yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from china are not at risk.

According to WHO coronavirus does not survive long on objects, such as letter or a packages.

  • Are hand dryers effective in killing the coronavirus?


Recently Israel PM said that adopt India way of greeting #Namaste to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

Tweet attached.

Above information taken from below website:

Purchasing mid segment smartphone (around 10K to 20 K INR) ??? 8 Checks

Must check above 8 specs before purchasing smartphone.

After Food, Clothes and house, Smartphone is a fourth indispensable part of life. These days every second-day new smartphone coming in the market which one is the best to know it’s very challenging right? Below are some pieces of advice which will help you to buy the best smartphone.

Built quality is a prime and utmost important factor to choose a smartphone, The purpose is very simple because good the built quality longer will live your smartphone. In the market, you will get mostly polycarbonate (Plastic and glass) and glass. The most important glass back looks lavish and rich in hand and will not suffer from scratches this would be ideal for any smartphone. When Glass is compared to polycarbonate according to me the glass is best.

The Processor is very important while choosing a smartphone because this is also called as the heart of the smartphone. If the processor is good naturally there is no lag and no stuck while using a smartphone. The Main disadvantage of a bad processor is so often hang and give bad experience while playing games and multitasking. Presently in large scale two types of processor available in the market they are Qualcomm and Mediatek and some of the company they do manufacture their own processor like Exynos by Samsung.

Smartphone range from 10 – 20 K.

Qualcomm snapdragon comes with 675, 710,730 and 730G.

Mediatek Helio comes with P60, P70, and G90T.

Minimum RAM I suggest you to go with 4 GB and memory 64 GB if you are looking for more storage go with 128 GB or check whether dedicated micro sd slot is available or not.

The Most interesting part is the CAMERA if you’re looking for good quality photos instead of checking megapixel look for image sensor size because that decides the quality of the picture. Though Apple smartphone comes with less Megapixel but produces excellent output picture when compared to X, Y, Z brands this is possible because of the bigger image sensor size.

Another important factor is whether night mode and electronic image stabilization, is avail or not. EIS plays an important role while taking videos because irrespective of hand moment it gives to a stable video output. Besides this, there are several camera specs such as camera ISO level, autofocus, aperture etc.

Let’s talk about Battery more the mAh(milliamp Hour) will sustain a long time. Roughly 4000mAh will last for a day for a heavy user. Don’t forget to check fast charging and type C support is available or not. If your average user then 3000 mAh is pretty sufficient for you.

Display present-day trend is a bezel less totally based on your like want waterdrop notch or punch-hole display. Super Amoled, Amoled, IPS (in-plane switching)LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)panel or TFT (thin-film-transistor). Amoled or super Amoled display is best among all. If you loving watching online content, reading books,MS office related work then I would suggest to go with 5.5 inch to 6.5-inch display. FHD resolution should be good enough to do daily chores even you can avoid or stop using a laptop or desktop. One important point if greater than 6 inch then little difficult to handle by using one hand this should keep in mind.

60 Hz, 90 Hz or 120 Hz Refresh rate which one is best these is like the tradeoff between battery discharge and smooth flow (the provided app should support) . Based on your requirement you can choose, even best part is we get an option to switch low refresh that means if a higher refresh rate is available in the market then go for it really that drastic change your experience when compared to low refresh rate(If budget permit).

3.5 mm Head phone jack many smartphones ditching this. if it’s your prime concern like listening FM radio then you must check weather this port is available or not .

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