Friends Forever

The one who is near to your heart sometimes hurt u more.when heart-break that pain is unbearable.  The best way to tackle this issue is don’t make too much attachments with friends/family members.

Even though if your mistake is not their don’t hesitate to say sorry because sorry is very powerful word which melt other person instantly and I am sure this will fix the issue. If sorry doesn’t work then hug him/her.  if still it doesn’t work i think better to stay away from that person. if he is really your best friend then sure it will work, believe me.

If your down to earth say sorry and feel the difference . uanoop


What is Life?

In this 21st century definition of life is totally change you know why because every one want lavish life, To get Lavish life they give their 100 % efforts , hard work and dedication to  work. Though you get lavish life but you wont get happiness which you want, your life is busy with work so you wont get time for friends and family . then what is the use of such lavish life ? think twice. you need lavish life or happiness.

According to me one most important thing in life is happiness if you have that then your most successful person  on earth. After some years if you look back in life u wont find any thing apart from your work, So I suggest you to take out some time for friends and family from your busy life and spend with them, go for a holiday, tour,movie or what ever you like. The time which u spend with them make the memorable moment of your life.

Do what ever u like don’t think about others that’s L.I.F.E.

Life is happiness , Live it king size in your own style without any terms and conditions.  uanoop 

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