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Follow your passion = Success guaranteed

Before jumping into the topic let’s understand what is the root cause problem, why everyone is not becoming successful. Answer to above question  is  lack of clarity.

Many are not aware what to do and what not to do. Always in dilemma to choose which is best option. 

How to overcome this problem?

Do what you love, 
join in the profession based on your hobby and strength.

Follow your passion, work on it, automatically success will come to your way.

If you want to be successful then definition of passion must be :

Willing to work though you don’t get money. 
Willing to work though you feel sleepy. 
Willing to work though your extreme tried. 
Willing to work on Sundays. 
Willing to work in an extreme condition.

For a minute just imagine that your working hard though gratification is zero. If start getting money from it, consequently nobody can stop you becoming a billionaire.

Most important only passion can’t you make a successful. Give the direction it.

Let us say if your good at cooking work as a chef at some restaurant ,subsequently after getting confidence start your own.

If you are good at something, Don’t do it for free .

Happiness Delivered!

Yesterday I stuck in traffic badly, frankly speaking All most around 60 minutes passed and hardly bus moved 500 metres. At that particular moment, I was felling like I am going through hell and frustration was at peak level. Then suddenly got a thought 💭 I should tweet about this so that, the one who is travelling this way can take an another route.

Here is the tweet 👇

You know guys 🎉

Today My tweet got publish in deccan chronicle #hyderabad news paper article.

Moral is

Whatever Happens 

Happens for Good 

#India #Telangana #ThursdayMotivation #ThinkPositive

How to be happy 24by7 365d

Main reason why anyone can’t be happy all the time :

Everyone want lavish, comfort and luxury life, In order to get this ruin their present happiness by not giving sufficient time to family and friends which leads to miserable life. The biggest problem of today’s generation is what other person thinks.

Their is saying in hindi

Sabse bada Rog kya kahenge log

How to overcome this problem :

Very simple mantra is live your life as today is last day. Then see, the miracles wil start happening in your life. All this happens because you live in present and don’t think about future.

Don’t afraid about future,
Enjoy/live every moment and
Make your life beautiful.

Good Knight Naturals NEEM AGARBATTI

At present, In market has N no. of Agarbatti’s which contain toxic ingredients (Pesticides and harmful chemicals) which leads to health hazard. we have only two lungs and our responsibility is to take care of it by not using untested and illegal agarbattis which are available in market. inhaling pesticides and harmful chemicals leads to major health problem, for time being mosquito will die but your life is at risk so think twice or thrice before using such agarbattis. Check out below image which will help us to understand why we should not use such agarbattis.

The main cause of Chikungunya, malaria, dengue.. etc are mosquito bites. In order to tackle this issue, Godrej has come up with magnificent Good Knight Naturals NEEM AGARBATTI which provides mosquito free environment by using 100 percentage natural ingredients NEEM (Azadirachta indicia) and Haldi (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) which is very powerful and safe to use.

Apparently, Godrej Agarbatti is best among all due to following reason (pic attached). Strong reason why we root to Goodknight Agarbatti is given below:
  • Brand new 28 cm long Goodknight agarbatti burn upto 3 hours .
  • It contains Neem and turmeric which is also used as antibiotic in all-most every household of India.
  • Very Less Smoke.
  • Another big advantage of using this Agarbatti is doesn’t consume any electricity.

Even common man can afford this due to following reason. The cost of this Good Knight Naturals NEEM AGARBATTI is just 15 Rs (INR) which contains 10 sticks. This would indeed become boon for everyone bcoz it’s 100 % Natural and safe.
Godrej always astonish us with new products. Below is the glimpse of few products .


They cover A to Z quality products for welfare of mankind and has been protecting india for the last 34 years. fact is that 77 million households use goodknight products in india.
Godrej know very well what we want and execute it on time. Right now, Need of the hour product is godrej goodknight naturals neem agarbatti which has been launched to fight against the menace of mosquitoes and give disease free life to everyone.



Eventually, Indeed agree with their caption that is


Friends Forever

The one who is near to your heart sometimes hurt u more.when heart-break that pain is unbearable.  The best way to tackle this issue is don’t make too much attachments with friends/family members.

Even though if your mistake is not their don’t hesitate to say sorry because sorry is very powerful word which melt other person instantly and I am sure this will fix the issue. If sorry doesn’t work then hug him/her.  if still it doesn’t work i think better to stay away from that person. if he is really your best friend then sure it will work, believe me.

If your down to earth say sorry and feel the difference . uanoop

What is Life?

In this 21st century definition of life is totally change you know why because every one want lavish life, To get Lavish life they give their 100 % efforts , hard work and dedication to  work. Though you get lavish life but you wont get happiness which you want, your life is busy with work so you wont get time for friends and family . then what is the use of such lavish life ? think twice. you need lavish life or happiness.

According to me one most important thing in life is happiness if you have that then your most successful person  on earth. After some years if you look back in life u wont find any thing apart from your work, So I suggest you to take out some time for friends and family from your busy life and spend with them, go for a holiday, tour,movie or what ever you like. The time which u spend with them make the memorable moment of your life.

Do what ever u like don’t think about others that’s L.I.F.E.

Life is happiness , Live it king size in your own style without any terms and conditions.  uanoop